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Artificial intelligence epitope engineering tool

Artificial intelligence epitope engineering tool. Fill in the amino acid sequence and let our tool generate the peptide structure. Click on predict HLA to get all the HLA structures annotated with predictions by our model. The labels strong, weak and no binding is indicative of the binding affinity...

Binding sites detection and ligand alignment prediction

Binding sites are the pockets of proteins that can bind drugs; the discovery of these pockets is a critical step in drug design. With the help of computers, protein pockets prediction can save manpower and financial resources. Our state of the art artificial intelligence platform is able to identify...

De Novo Drug Design using A.I.

We propose a novel generative deep-learning approach for drug design. The model consists of an Encoder-Decoder architecture that translates the inputs into the latent space and a Generator that produces the 3D structure of the system. We propose a stacked Generator architecture that takes the first output and calculates...

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