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Affinity Predictions, Macro Molecule folding, Binding Site prediction, Post binding folding Predictions, Alignment Prediction, Ligand Matching, Ligand and Macro Molecule generation, Compound Discovery and more


Artificial Intelligence can significantly speed up drug discovery.

Use our models for de novo drug design and drug repurpossing.

Compound matching or generation

Match or generate compounds and ligands that optimize affinity binding. Predict binding sites, alignment and post-binding folding.

Macro Molecule Folding and function classification

Predict Protein folding and post binding reactions. Predict function classifications and chemical and structuralinteractions.


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Our technology based on state-of-the art artificial intelligence algorithms can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. In partnership with your collaborators, we design and develop smart solutions to solve critical problems of your company.


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Binding sites detection and ligand alignment prediction

Binding sites are the pockets of proteins that can bind drugs; the discovery of these pockets is a critical step in drug design. With the help of computers, protein pockets prediction can save manpower and financial resources. Our state of the art artificial intelligence platform is able to identify...

De Novo Drug Design using A.I.

An outbreak of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has infected millions of people, killed over half million and caused worldwide social and economic disruption. There are currently no antiviral drugs with clinically proven efficiency nor are there vaccines for its prevention. The time and effort to create and market a drug or...